Devil Is In The Details.(1)

Am eternal science student & like role as science communicator. I wish more practical expert would take the time to familiarize the public with their field of study. I wish this because I understand that just because I know something doesn’t mean everyone else knows it too. I was once ignorant of the concept of “evolution theory” and it was because someone took the time to explain it to me that I understand it now. How did you learn it?

Pseudo Science & technology  are designed trap people in darkness of delusion & ignorance. Not money or anything but ONLY KNOWLDEDGE makes us free.

Showy architecture is somewhat subjective matter but showy technology which actually  pseudo technology is pure commercial cheating matter of quack . Not only illiterate but literate also get deceived on big technical name like hydro pneumatic,VFD etc. etc. ,there is no objection to technology but the way it is misused is really objectionable . Such science & technology are not subject to verification or falsification on the ground of experience and facts which is hazardous to society. In this series I will explore such examples in science & technology obviously which is welcome to debate in written form.

Many government agencies, electric utility companies, engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, and installers are either part of the scam, or just caught up in the lies themselves.
Government agencies and power utilities want you to believe they are trying to help you save energy and money. Manufacturers, suppliers, and even some installers wish to sell you equipment that cost a lot and doesn’t last very long. Many engineers want to vary the speed of the pump because it is easier, or they don’t know how to properly design and size a pump system. Make no mistake about it, most are lying about VFD’s to line their own pockets Although these are the real reasons for the documented energy savings.

1)      Hydro Pneumatic or pressure booster pumping system- In 2005 ,we used hydro pneumatic in 8 storied luxury residential scheme in Viman Nagar in Pune.In 2008 we got a call from the management committee of to help them on their very high electricity bills.(same case in Mumbai also) Surprisingly their common electricity bills were so high that their monthly maintenance bills were as high as what a family would pay as rent in any other society in the city. On a walk through audit we found that although the lighting used in the scheme was most efficient, what was causing high electricity bills was the hydro-pneumatic pumping system that was installed in the building.Thanks we provide them Over head tank & by stopping use of system all is well now.Though by using hydro pneumatic system you can completely side line OHWT means we can use only Underground tank for complete water system.

The intent of this article is to explain the differences between hydro pneumatic and a regular gravity based pumping system and also to alert the buyers of a new flat to check the same to prevent high electricity bills. This actually written by many

What is a Hydro Pneumatic or pressure booster pumping system?

A hydro-pneumatic pumping system has a ground level storage tank instead of an overhead storage tank. Pressure sensors are installed at various parts of the plumbing in a building that make sure that there is a constant pressure of water everywhere. Whenever a sensor senses that the pressure is low, the pump close to the ground level storage tank starts and pushes the water up to the level where it is required. It maintains the same pressure everywhere.

What is traditional gravity based storage system?

Traditionally most high-rise buildings have a water storage tank at the top. Pumps installed at the bottom of the building push the water to the overhead tank. The pumps are run for a few hours a day to ensure that the water is adequate in the overhead tank. If right size pump is used for a given load the pumps can run close to the best efficiency point during the time of operation. The distribution of water from the overhead tank to the houses happens though gravity (or the weight of water) and there is no electricity required for the same.

Challenges with a Hydro-Pneumatic pumping system

At a high level a hydro pneumatic system looks neat and sophisticated but the problem is with the efficiency of the system. In the building we evaluated, every time anyone opened a tap for water or used water in the bathroom, the pumps got switched on. We observed that it started and stopped almost every 2 seconds. Any pump takes higher current to start up (6 to 7 times more than stable operation) and since the pumps were starting very frequently, the electricity consumption was very high. Extra energy is also required to achieve constant pressure across the building. (source: energy manager training)

The other drawback of such a system is that it will not work in places where there are frequent power cuts. Although there are pros and cons of both the systems as listed on this link: wiki answers, from an energy efficiency perspective, a hydro pneumatic system is just too expensive to operate. The owners of the flats in the building we visited do not have any other option now but to operate it as it is. But had they known about it earlier, they would have probably made a different decision.

2)      Variable Speed Pumps (VFD’s) are BIG Scam.
Variable speed well pumps, booster pumps, and pool pumps are a scam. These pumps use computerized controllers, also known as Variable Frequency Drives or VFD’s.

These Variable Speed type pumps do not save energy, and do not make pumps last longer. To the contrary, varying the speed of these type pumps can increase the energy used by as much as 500% per gallon produced. Likewise, varying the speed increases the heat in motors, causes excessive vibration, and shortens the life of motors from other undue stresses.

So how do these people get away with lying? As they say, the. Read the fine print carefully. Comparing a VFD to the most inefficient pump system possible is the usual way to show it saves energy. Many articles will barely mention discontinuing the use of a dump valve, lowering the pressure required, or even installing a smaller pump in the system. the VFD added to the big pump wrongfully gets all the credit.

So called “energy saving calculators”, especially for pool pumps, will not allow you to simulate turning the pump off. A pool pump only needs to run 6 to 8 hours a day. If you can’t turn the pump off, of course a VFD is going to show Rs.1,00,000 a year savings. But slowing the pump down with a VFD is not doing any good. At really low flow rates the skimmers don’t skim, the vacuum won’t vacuum, and the filter won’t filter. Turning a standard pump off with a timer, instead of letting a VFD run it slowly all day, WILL save thousands of dollars a year.

Other so called “energy saving calculators” won’t let you put in the head or pressure required. This way they can show tremendous energy savings when the pump speed is reduced by 90%. However, because the pump still has to produce head or pressure, the pump can only be slowed by 10%, which actually makes the pump use more energy than a properly sized pump without a VFD.

Still others will make a big deal about how the motor amps are reduced as the RPM is reduced with a VFD. However, they conveniently forget to mention that the flow is reduced 5 times faster than the amps, which makes the VFD cause 500% more energy use per gallon.

The Cycle Stop Valve is a good alternative to a VFD or big pressure tank. However, the pump industry will do anything they can to dissuade you from using a CSV. The CSV is a disruptive product. It really does make pumps last longer and use smaller pressure tanks. The CSV really does eliminate cycling and water hammer. The CSV really does save you money, which is why it is disruptive to the pump industry.
Don’t let a fast talking salesperson force you into a money pit. Don’t let an electric utility pay you an incentive to install a VFD. It will cost you many times that amount in frequent equipment (VFD/motor) replacement.

Finally if we are impressed only by the answers sounding scientific and do not appreciate that science is a careful process of rigorous investigation, if we label intellectual due diligence as rude or an attack, then we are not in any position to receive what science has to offer. We gain only an illusory grasp of nature, and destine ourselves to remain ignorant of our ignorance..


Maintaining A Belief When the Evidence Says You’re Wrong

A Breath of Reason

I get ideas everyday of things to write about: tips, links to articles, strings of thematically similar posts on Facebook. I admit, I’m kind of a slow writer, and I often start a piece, get distracted and start notes on another topic, and wind up having multiple drafts I come back to as my mood suits me until I feel they are good enough to publish.

However, I also get discouraged during this process because somehow I feel like either there will never be an end to the topics that need covered, or that I won’t get through to the people who don’t accept expert evidence or reasoned arguments — and trust me, that’s more common than you think.

I’ve become very interested in the psychology of believing things without evidence, particularly as it relates to medicine and holistic healing. An interesting article in the November/ December 2014 issue of

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In defense of a scientist in the humble quest for truth

Watts Up With That?

As a follow up to the statement made yesterday by Dr. Willie Soon, this essay is appropriate. Christopher Monckton of Brenchley answers the campaign of assaults on the reputation of Dr. Willie Soon, an unsalaried astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics – Anthony

Willie SoonThe recent campaign of concerted assaults on Dr Soon’s reputation

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

Recently the Boston Globe, The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Guardian, Scientific American and even Nature, as well as many othermedia outlets and environmentalist weblogs, have mounted what appears to be a costly, malevolent and carefully coordinated campaign of assaults on the reputation of Dr Willie Soon, falsely alleging that in several of his published scientific papers he had failed to disclose that some of the funding for his research has come from fossil-fuel interests.

This campaign of libels was calculated to damage Dr…

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Myths of Vastushastra

If You Choose to Believe Bad Science, You’re the One With the Disadvantage & in the country like India where majority of the population does not have their basic needs fulfilled, it’s a crime to propagate absurd and misleading information like Vastushastra .

“History is full of people who out of fear, or ignorance, or lust for power has destroyed knowledge of immeasurable value which truly belongs to us all. We must not let it happen again.”
— Carl Sagan
Bathrooms shall be towards east and heaters, switch boards be towards South-East.
Why? Because South – East means “Agneya” that is “Agni”. So anything that up shall be toward “Agneya”!
If your plot is L-shaped, then you will have only baby girls.
How is it possible? Simple, Because of particular shape of the plot, sperms succeed to conceive a baby girl.
If the main gate of the plot is toward East or North the owner will prosper, But at the same time there is a danger of being blessed by many children if the gate is towards the East or West.
It doesn’t matter even if you have undergone a family planning operation!
If the kitchen platform (Otta ) is towards direction other than East or South-East the women in the house will suffer from backache and menstrual problems.
Toilet block shall be toward West.
Reason… ‘West’ means ‘Waste’ so…
Doctors shall face towards East or North while performing surgery.
It doesn’t matter what part of the body is being operated.
All the above are recommendations given by Vastushashtris and the reasons provided by them. They try to claim that this is based on science & scientific methods, without providing any empirical or statistical proofs.
What are these curious recommendations for? It’s for your healthy, wealthy and happy life. It may sound funny today, where man has successfully taken up challenge of achieving goals, which seemed to be beyond his capacity a few decades ago. Automation of various hazardous processes, many inventions in medical and bioengineering field, efficient communication & transportation systems have made man’s life comfortable and healthy. And I am sure that all the Vastushastris and their followers also avail all modern facilities for their healthy & happy life and practice Vastushastra for their ‘Wealthy life’.
Vastushastra is full of contradictions and absurdities at the core of its theory. Naturally the interpretation and application to present day setting is left to Vastushastri’s personal judgement leading to contradictions amongst various Vastushastris too. Comparing modern architecture and engineering theories with Vastushastra is difficult, as there are hardly any common features.
Modern architecture sets its norms based on utility, safety, security, hygiene, durability, aesthetic & economic considerations. Vastushastra on the contrary vests its validity claim in the traditional authority of scriptures & mythologies. It claims to determine the fortune of the occupants of the Vastu.
There are basic differences in the approach and concepts of architecture & Vastushastra. The modern architecture will make your house suitable to children but in no way contributes to your fertility or infertility. It may provide for fire-proof facilities but neither will it prevent you from causing a fire by your negligent behaviour nor will it neutralise the jealousy of your enemies who may put your house on fire. Vastushastra, however, as it is often claimed, has a power to go beyond physical realm and control the wills of the occupants, deities and demons. Probably, realising this, few Vastushastris have started replacing the magical mystic casual connections by pseudo-scientific after- thoughts in order to suit the common sense of modern day clients.
The ability to control one’s fortune is a contradiction in terms. Fortune is precisely, by definition, that aspect of life, which we cannot control. All fortune controlling practices like selecting a jewel in a ring or construction according to Vastushastra remain unquestioned and un-testable . The outcomes of such ‘solutions’ are highly probabilistic. If they confirm with the ‘Shastra’ it vindicates the claim but if it does not then ‘something else has gone wrong!’. Shastra is never falsified however modern science is always open for falsification.
In reality only rich people can afford to build their house (or bungalow) according to Vastushastra recommendations. Middle class families in urban area (where Vastushastra is spreading very fast) can afford a flat unit or a part of big house in which implementing recommendations of Vastushastra is difficult.
What are the consequences of application of Vastushastra? Undoubtedly client gets some psychological relief that he has done something for a better future. At what cost? Apart from weakening the psyche and nourishing the fatalistic ideology. Vastushastra has economic consequences in big propositions.
There are many more suggestions, which come from Vastushastris, which are uneconomical, unscientific, non – functional and even destructive. For example, it has been suggested a number of the building heavy or a particular part ‘high’. It definitely changes the ‘fate’ of the residents due to increased cost of the structure. The ‘heavy’ portions being more susceptible to earthquake forces, the building requires further strengthening to cater for these forces which further adds to the cost (plus the owners have to pay handsome consultation fees to Vastushastris!). Other effects like destroying the aesthetics of the building, redundancy or under-utilisation of few units due to irrational layouts, inconvenience and non-functionality etc. vary from case to case. In some, entire structure has been demolished and rebuilt with new layouts and/or new locations, (Fortunately this is not very common as only few people in India can afford this.) This practice is destructive and involves national loss and energy. To my mind, in the country like India where majority of the population dose not has their basic needs fulfilled, it’s a crime too.
I am tempted to suggest one thing to eliminate poverty from our country. The poor population can achieve all the suggestions of Vastushastra as they have their kitchen, living, dining, bed all in one! The only effort they have to take is to stick to the directions suggested by Vastushastra. If they manage to have the entrance towards North then becoming rich is guaranteed because it is the direction of Kuber ( Do you know that Vastushastra also tells you to face towards east or North and enter 21st century as a’ developed’ country?
Customers of any service have a right to see that they get what they have paid for. This is one service where one is not sure of attaining desired results! One will never know whether the cost was worth the effort. Economic loss and sense of being cheated are the directly visible ill effects. But there is a deeper implication. By becoming futuristic you do not strengthen your psyche but in fact weaken it all the more.
(Refrence & Thanks – Chapekar Madam,

Carl Sagan & numbers of curious skeptics )


Cuerna Critters: Our spectacular scorpions

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A post for all those scorpion fans out there! We have a lot of scorpions here in Cuernavaca, and in the state of Morelos in general. There are at least 16 resident species, some of which are fairly benign and others that are pretty dangerous. The most venomous species we have here is Centruroides limpidus, with a LD50 as low as 0.69 mg/kg. For more on lethal doses, check out this post by Susan E. Swanberg over on SciLogs.

For the untrained eye (that would be mine), it’s not easy to tell apart the different scorpion species, so I won’t even attempt to put species labels on the following photos. I suspect I have scorpions from at least two of the genera found here, Centruroides and Vaejovis. If anyone out there is able to help me identify these guys (or gals  – I’m not sure how you determine…

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